Plant Pulse

It has never been easier or more hassle-free to keep your indoor and outdoor potted plants and gardens perfectly watered. Don’t waste water! Plant Pulse’s innovative and energy efficient technology continuously monitors your plant’s moisture levels at root level and gives you live feedback alerting you when and when not to water. A bright L.E.D. light will flash red when soil needs watering. Batteries included.


Activate Plant Pulse:

-Turn head cap counter-clockwise, line up arrow with “ON”.

(Deactivate: turn head cap clockwise, line up arrow with “OFF”).

-Insert probe into soil at mid-root.

-L.E.D. will flash red for 10 seconds (every minute) when soil needs watering.

-No flashing light signifies plant is well-hydrated.

*Important: Proper care and response time will extend battery life.


Battery Replacement:

Pulse requires 2 x AC13 alkaline cell batteries.

-Turn cap clockwise (past “Off” position), line up arrow with dot.

-Pull cap upward to remove.

-Press metal tab inside to release cell batteries and replace.

-Replace cap, line up arrow with dot and push down firmly.

-Turn cap to desired On/Off position.

*Pulse double blinks when batteries need replacement.